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Gauss: Lines of magnetic flux per square centimeter, cgs unit of flux density, equivalent to lines per square inch in the English system, and webers per square meter or Tesla in the SI system.

Ferromagnetic Material: A material whose permeability is very much larger than 1 ( from 60 to several thousand times 1 ), and which exhibits hysteresis phenomena.

Fringing Fields: Leakage flux particularly associated with edge effects in a magnetic circuit.

Eddy Currents: Circulating electrical currents that are induced in electrically conductive elements when exposed to changing magnetic fields, creating an opposing force to the magnetic flux. Eddy currents can be harnessed to perform useful work ( such as damping of movement ), or may be unwanted consequences of certain designs which should be accounted for or minimized.

Flux, Ø: The condition existing in a medium subjected to a magnetizing force. This quantity is characterized by the fact that an electromotive force is induced in a conductor surrounding the flux at any time the flux changes in magnitude. The cgs unit of flux is the Maxwell.

Demagnetization Curve: The second quadrant of the hysteresis loop, generally describing the behavior of magnetic characteristics in actual use, Also known as the B – H curve.



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